Boston University Electrical and Computer Engineering Spotlight

By Max Versace | October 7, 2011

My joint work with Ajay Joshi, Florian Raudies, and Schuyler Eldridge, all members of the Neuromorphics Lab, has been featured on the Boston University’s ECE Spotlight website. From the spotlight: "Mobile land and aerial robots collect large quantities of data generated by sensors, but the processing, evaluation, and analysis of all this data is restricted by either the limited bandwidth available to broadcast this data to offline computing resources or the limited computing power on the mobile robot.

In contrast, biological organisms solve this problem very efficiently by making use of low-power, compact “wetware” to process large amounts of sensory information while interfacing with a complex, rapidly changing world. To reduce the computational load of analyzing sensory data on mobile robots we implement biologically-inspired algorithms in customized hardware to meet computation time, power, and weight constraints that are not possible to achieve with general purpose hardware." For the rest of the post, click here.


I am the leader of the Neuromorphics Lab, a highly collaborative lab with connections across both academia and industry.