Manufacturing is Getting ‘Futurized’ with Artificial Intelligence

Two forces in manufacturing are converging: 1) the need to bring more automation into the system during a time when workers are becoming scarce, and 2) advances in automation tools that do not require original programming. As these forces converge, manufacturers may have the opportunity to improve their production methods at the same time they address labor shortages.

FLIR e Neurala annunciano collaborazione per soddisfare la crescente domanda di telecamere equipaggate con Deep Learning per la manifattura industriale

Fin dalla sua fondazione, l’obiettivo di Neurala è stato quello di portare sul mercato un’intelligenza artificiale (IA) sofisticata e in continuo apprendimento per aumentare l’utilita’ e l’intelligenza di macchine e devices. Neurala continua a sviluppare partnership strategiche con fornitori di Read more

Neurala Announces Strategic Partnership with IMA Group to Accelerate AI Technology for Industry 4.0 Initiatives

Vision AI software company Neurala announced today a new strategic partnership with global manufacturing leader IMA Group. The partnership will deliver AI solutions for industrial machines, focused on field testing of AI that enables monitoring and provides actionable insights from data collected through industrial internet of things (IIoT) systems.