About Max Versace

Max Versace is an Italo-American Scientist and Entrepreneur co-founder and CEO of Neurala Inc., a Boston-based company building Artificial Intelligence emulating brain function in software. Powered by the proprietary Lifelong-DNN tech, Neurala is the maker of Neurala VIA, the leading AI-powered visual quality inspection software solution helping manufacturers enhance their vision inspection process.

Neurala’s AI software – deployed in 60M+ devices – is the only Deep Learning technology in the market that gets smarter after every use, instantly and continuously learning new information in any computing substrate, from small Edge devices to the Cloud.

Max came to US via a Fulbright scholarship, and holds two Ph.Ds in Artificial Intelligence and Neural Networks: Cognitive and Neural Systems, Boston University; Experimental Psychology, University of Trieste, Italy. Before Neurala, Max was a Professor of Artificial Intelligence at Boston University, where he co-founded the Boston University Neuromorphics Lab, authored dozens among academic papers, book chapters, and patents, and lectured at dozens of events and venues, including TEDx, Nasdaq TV, keynotes at Mobile World Congress, Berlin STATE Festival, GTC, InterDrone, AUTOMATE, Future of Manufacturing, ROBOBUSINESS, IMA Leadership Series, the Immigrant Entrepreneurship Series, as well as DARPA, the Pentagon, Los Alamo National Lab, GE, Air Force Research Labs, HP, iRobot, Samsung, LG, Qualcomm, Huawei, Ericsson, BAE Systems, AI World, Mitsubishi, ABB and Accenture, among many others.

His work has been featured in in TIME, IEEE Spectrum, Fortune, CNBC, The Boston Globe, Xconomy, The Chicago Tribune, TechCrunch, VentureBeatAssociated Press and many other media.

Career and company awards include: CB Insights 100 Most Promising AI Companies, Draper Venture Network Most Innovative Company, Disruptor Daily 100 Most Disruptive Companies, Edison Award Best New Product in Social Innovation.