Seeing beyond the human eye: AI-powered quality control on the factory floor

Manufacturing is changing, rapidly. Pressed by efficiency, and in the middle of a race to embrace automation, an overdue revolution is unfolding, driven by the power of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine vision. The traditional methods of quality inspection, reliant on hard-to-find human expert to manually scrutinizing products, are giving way to a new paradigm that promises to redefine what quality and consistency is in modern Manufacturing plants.

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Manufacturing is Getting ‘Futurized’ with Artificial Intelligence

Two forces in manufacturing are converging: 1) the need to bring more automation into the system during a time when workers are becoming scarce, and 2) advances in automation tools that do not require original programming. As these forces converge, manufacturers may have the opportunity to improve their production methods at the same time they address labor shortages.

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