AI 2.0: brains for bots

This post is short: go check a video!

I was recently invited to give a Keynote at the Rochester Institute of Technology AI retreat with the cryptic name “Move 78”.. what does that stand for? Remember the AlphaGo versus Lee Sedol, or Google DeepMind Challenge Match, where 18-time world champion Lee Sedol fought AlphaGo, with AI winning all but the fourth game?

Well, move with 78 in game 2, described as “a brilliant tesuji“, and despite AlphaGo’s attempt to recover, the human provoked the AI to make a series of very bad moves, and finally, led AlphaGo’s resignation. The last time humans won against AI in GO?

In any case, the video below is my talk at the AI retreat, starting at minute 19. Enjoy

RIT Retreat on Artificial Intelligence: Dr. Jeremy Haefner and Dr. Max Versace from RIT Production Services – Events on Vimeo.

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