Humanizing AI: From Myth to Reality

In 2014, Max Versace stood on the stage of TEDx Fulbright telling the story on how he and his colleagues developed this cool AI technology working with NASA, and made the bold claim that he was going to change the way things were made across industries.

In the 5 years that have elapsed, there have been countless AI advancements, and so much has been written to inform – or misinform – on this technology and its applications. After successfully deploying AI in more than 45 million devices, Versace and his team in Neurala will dispel AI myths and show us how AI is today helping humankind solve its burning issues. The conclusion is clear: in a world where individuals and nations work together beyond national and individual boundaries and interests, AI can help us fix a broken equation, allowing humans to spend more of their time being human, and less time tied to machine.