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How does Lifelong-DNN work in a real world use case?

As described in other posts, Neurala’s Lifelong-DNN emulates the way biological brains see the world and continuously learns from it.

L-DNN markedly differs from traditional DNNs and pushes AI beyond on-device inference and allows it to learn on the device itself, significantly reducing the amount of data needed and training time. And, by doing so, unlocks use cases previously impossible!….

Early in 2019, Neurala has launched Brain Builder, the 1st commercially available platform that incorporates Lifelong-DNN technology to enable rapid AI prototyping and deployment. This end to end approach allows users to annotate and train at the same time, using just a few images, instead of thousands. It offers instant feedback on performance, quickly iterating instead of having to wait hours or weeks to understand the results.

well, how does L-DNN work in practice?!?

The video below, with our Carl and Erica, showcases the Neurala’s patented L-DNN technology allowing a camera to learn new objects directly on the device with as little as one image.

Debuted at Security and Safety Things booth at the Global Security Exchange conference held in Chicago in 2019. https://www.securityandsafetythings.c…