In The Jetsons, the helper robot of the future handles all manner of chores. Rosie can do the laundry, pick up the groceries, and keep Elroy out of trouble.

In today’s reality, we have all kinds of artificial intelligences (AIs) at work for us—scouring the web for information, diagnosing car trouble, even performing surgeries. But no one of these specialized machines could perform all those tasks, or any variety of tasks. In fact, even one of our everyday errands would pose a challenge for a traditional robot. Rosie would be stymied by a stray shopping cart in her path, and she wouldn’t know what to do if Jane’s favorite brand of margarine were out of stock.

But Massimiliano “Max” Versace, a College of Arts & Sciences research assistant professor and director of BU’s Neuromorphics Laboratory, aims to fix that. His team is building the brain of a versatile, general-purpose robot—maybe not a humanoid, wisecracking helper, but, let’s say, a really smart dog. And with a grant from NASA, that pup may soon be prowling other planets. The Neuromorphics Lab is part of BU’s CompNet (Center for Computational Neuroscience and Neural Technology) and the National Science Foundation–sponsored CELEST (Center of Excellence for Learning in Education, Science and Technology).

Versace (GRS’07) is working on the cutting edge of a convergence of neuroscience, computer processing, and other disciplines that promises to yield a better robot, one with a “brain” modeled after that of a mammal. He believes conventional robots are hamstrung by their basic architecture, which has changed little since the 1960s. By necessity, even a powerful supercomputer’s processing unit is located apart from its memory stores. The tiny delay as data travels between them is not noticeable because a typical AI today is devoted only to a single task or a narrow set of tasks.

Max Versace, Director, Boston University Neuromorphics Lab, robots, robotics research

A robot developed by Versace and a team of engineers from the BU Neuromorphics Lab.

But those delays would quickly multiply if a robot were asked to step outside that narrow field—adding car parts on an assembly line or answering questions on Jeopardy!—and into an unpredictable situation, such as exploring the ocean floor or caring for an elderly person. To prepare a robot for every possibility in that broader role, its programmers would have to add so many lines of code that the machine would need as much power as used by the entire Charles River Campus.

The brain of an ordinary rat, on the other hand, runs on the energy equivalent of a Christmas-tree bulb, Versace and colleague Ben Chandler (GRS’14) write in an article in IEEE Spectrum, a publication of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, yet the rodent can successfully explore unfamiliar tunnels, avoid mousetraps, follow a food aroma coming from an unexpected source—all things that might befuddle a robot.

It’s that ability to learn and adapt that Versace is working to replicate in an artificial brain. To do it, he’s made use of a breakthrough electrical component designed by Hewlett-Packard, called a memristor. Versace and his team have assembled networks of these microscopic devices to mimic the brain’s neurons and synapses, saving a massive amount of energy while allowing the storage and processing of information to occur simultaneously, as they do in our mammalian heads.

In the lab’s first series of experiments, in 2011, the BU team built a rodent-size brain and let it loose in a virtual tub of water. With training, rather than explicit programming, the “animat” eventually figured out on its own how to find dry ground.


Once Versace and colleagues demonstrated that success, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration came calling, and tapped the Neuromorphics Lab for two high-altitude projects.

In the first, the researchers have been charged with designing a Mars explorer that will operate autonomously, navigating and collecting information using passive rather than active sensors.

“An active sensor is, for instance, a laser range finder, which shoots laser beams to estimate the distance from the robot to a wall or object, or even to estimate object size,” explains Versace. “Biology does this task with a passive sensor, the eye, which absorbs energy—light—from the environment rather than emitting it. An active sensor means spending more money and having more weight to carry—sensor plus battery. This is just one example in a trend that sees traditional robots burning tons of energy to do tasks that in biology take a few calories.”

Last month, after repeated tweaks, the lab’s virtual rover, outfitted with biological-eye-like passive sensors, successfully learned the spatial layout of, and identified science targets within, a highly realistic virtual Martian surface. Versace and colleagues are now testing the system in a real-life metal-and-plastic robot in a physical “Mars yard” they built in the Neuromorphics Lab.

The lab’s second NASA project also marshals mammal-style sight, but for a use closer to home. By fall 2015, the Federal Aviation Administration will fully open U.S. airspace to unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs)—with the common-sense provision that the machines must be at least as adept as human pilots at sensing and avoiding oncoming objects.

Max Versace, Director, Boston University Neuromorphics Lab, robots, robotics research

Versace’s work aims to replicate the brain’s ability to learn and apply it to robotics.

The biological advantage Versace and his colleagues have identified in humans is our sense of optic flow. We don’t typically think about it as we’re walking down the street, but the way we perceive our own forward motion is that stationary objects in the distance appear to gradually grow larger while the stationary objects we’re passing appear to more quickly move past us.

When one object is moving in our field of vision at a rate faster than the rest, we quickly zero in on it, understanding it to be one we may need to alter our course to avoid.

For a computer, this is not always so obvious, largely because a conventional computer has no fear. That seems like an asset in a Daredevil comic book, but for an entity piloting an airplane, it is a decided liability. As it turns out, our biological anxiety is often an indispensable mode of self-preservation.

That’s why Versace and company are testing various algorithms that have the pilot AI experience something like pain. During repeated virtual flight tests, the AI is punished for colliding with an oncoming plane and rewarded for avoiding it. “Our task is to build a brain that senses when these obstacles start expanding,” says Neuromorphics Lab postdoctoral associate Timothy Barnes, “and decides early on, is it dangerous or not? And if so, to make a maneuver to avoid it.”

Programming a robot to experience pain and anxiety? Is that asking for trouble? What if the robots one day rebel against their flesh-and-blood creators? That’s what Geek magazine asked Versace recently. The BU professor doesn’t find the scenario likely.

“This will give us insight into how the brain works,” he says. “Learn by creating is probably the best advice I can give to anybody who goes into a scientific field. If you are able to re-create what you think you know, you will have a much more powerful understanding of what you are trying to study.”

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    2. Inactive Ingredients colloidal silicon dioxide, croscarmellose sodium, D C Red 27 Lake, FD C Blue 2 Lake, FD C Yellow 6 Lake, hypromellose, lactose monohydrate, magnesium stearate, microcrystalline cellulose, pregelatinized starch, polysorbate 80, and sodium lauryl sulfate generic 5 mg cialis Interaktioner Interaktioner finns med leverenzymaktiva läkemedel typ antiepileptika

    3. the only steroid that will boost endurance and is worth it is EQ prix du levitra en medecine Cells were treated with various concentrations of hibiscus flower extract similar to those published previously with aqueous extracts of dandelion root and white tea 18, 19

    1. Everolimus, a mammalian target of rapamycin mTOR inhibitor, has recently been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration and the European Medicines Agency, in combination with exemestane, for the treatment of hormone receptor positive, human epidermal growth factor receptor 2 negative advanced breast cancer in postmenopausal women without symptomatic visceral disease and after recurrence or progression following a non steroidal aromatase inhibitor cheap cialis from india

    1. The expert peer review of AHA commissioned documents eg, scientific statements, clinical practice guidelines, systematic reviews is conducted by the AHA Office of Science Operations cialis buy IMBE UMR7263, Aix Marseille UniversitГ©, CNRS, IRD, Avignon UniversitГ©, Marseille, France

    1. Cardiac magnetic resonance may aid in the diagnosis of TB myocarditis, by identifying features of tuberculous myocardial infiltration; however, given the overwhelming evidence of disseminated TB, the test was unwarranted in our patient can a women take viagra

    2. In 2011, a double blind placebo controlled trial showed that Ostarine increases total lean body mass and physical function in healthy men as well as postmenopausal women where to buy cialis cheap 08 Regulation The NMC is the regulator for nursing and midwifery and is directed by a Council of 12 members appointed among the nurse and midwife professionals and the lay members and including one member from each of the four countries Their competencies are to set the terms of reference for the certification of courses of higher education institutions, to establish health and conduct standards for admission in nursing training, to organise the compulsory registration by adding specific competences obtained at post graduate level and revalidating competences a triennial process is required The council has regulatory and disciplinary power over its members Advanced nurse practitioners profile Demography a female workforce of experienced nurses is predominant Professional title five commonly used advanced role titles were identified nurse practitioner; clinical nurse specialist, nurse consultant, specialist nurse, and advanced nurse practitioner Education more than 70 have a degree and 40 have progressed to a Masters level qualification

    3. Pazopanib in advanced desmoplastic small round cell tumours a multi institutional experience buy cialis online On the basis of its oncotic properties, one would expect that intravenous albumin administration would expand intravascular plasma by a volume that is several times greater than crystalloid alone 3

    1. 70 a share, compared with Tuesday s price of 22 best price cialis 20mg His other pertinent medical history included chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, mild coronary artery disease, myasthenia gravis, and medically resolved nonischemic cardiomyopathy; his recently diagnosed metastatic disease involved the right cerebellum and the left lobe of the liver identified on MRI of the brain and MRA of the chest

    1. InfusГЈo de albumina humana no tratamento do edema em pessoas com sГ­ndrome nefrГіtica how long does erection last with viagra This reduction was not correlated with change in volume of fibrous plaque, and our subgroup analysis showed no difference in outcome when stratified by triglyceride levels above and below the median, findings suggesting that other mechanisms account for the benefit

    1. online cialis A selective ER modulator, TAM is one of the most commonly used endocrine therapeutic agents for the treatment of estrogen receptor ER positive breast carcinoma, acting as an estrogen antagonist or agonist depending on tissue type 1

    1. Late conservative fluid management is defined as 2 consecutive days of negative fluid balance within the first week of ICU stay, and is an independent predictor of survival in ICU patients 16 online cialis Recently, we reported that doxycycline itself reduces gene expression of BCL XL 19

      1. On the other hand, drinking marjoram tea improved the hormonal status 56 cialis online generic In general, sodium picosulfate, magnesium oxide, and anhydrous citric acid was associated with numerically higher rates of abnormal electrolyte shifts on the day of colonoscopy compared to the control regimen Table 2

      2. cialis 5mg online In our NanoSIMS data processing, we commonly preprocess images in OpenMIMS using their dead time correction, stack summing, and visual features then use these python libraries alongside ipython, 269 269

      3. 1 A carry forward analysis excluded patients who dropped out before their first double blind exercise test at 2 months; patients who withdrew after 2 months had their last value carried forward, and the data were analyzed parametrically by a multivariate ANOVA model that included center, treatment group, and their interaction tarif du levitra 20mg These symptoms include pulling or tugging at the ears, irritability, headache, disturbed or restless sleep, poor feeding, anorexia, vomiting, or diarrhea

    1. Shin sees patients in our K Street, Woodbridge, Frederick and Fair Oaks offices comprar cialis online Phenylephrine eye drops are used to dilate the pupils to enable fundoscopy and is used in neonates when an ophthalmic examination is conducted to assess the presence of retinopathy of prematurity

    1. Clark s work showed that up calls functioned as a request for contact between whales lone swimming whales often produced up calls that were returned by other whales in the vicinity prior to joining buy liquid cialis online Some patients with poor response to stimulation have admitted to using imported gonadotropins