How Deep Learning and Vision AI are Turning the Tables on Manufacturing

This is a recorded talk given at Automate 2022, Detroit, June 7, 2022, for Neurala

The manufacturing world is facing old and new challenge. Companies are facing irregular patterns in consumer demands and heightened pressures on machine utilization, production efficiencies, and quality control – and they need to address all of this with fewer people on the factory floor. In this session, Dr. Massimiliano Versace, CEO and Co-Founder of Neurala, will discuss how deep learning – the branch of AI derived from neural networks – is already enabling manufacturers to meet demand challenges, increase productivity and maintain their competitive advantage. Advances in deep learning are allowing the deployment of AI that’s based on the unique needs (and data) of each manufacturer. This is lifting the typical requirements for large amounts of data, expensive hardware or specialized AI expertise. With less data required and faster training, emerging solutions can automate quality inspection processes that were previously not viable – improving inspection rates, decreasing human intervention, and allowing smaller batches to be inspected – all helping increase ROI.