Press Release

Neurala launches Brain Builder end-to-end AI platform: visual AI for everybody

Out of 100 organizations that want to adopt AI in their product and infrastructure, a staggering 91 of them still face significant barriers to adoption – including lack of infrastructure and a shortage of AI experts.

These barriers to entry are compounded by the fact that every company has their own unique data, use cases, workflows and problems they wish to solve, which demand customized AI solutions.

Lack of infrastructure, expertise, and tools to customize AI for specific use cases are slowing down the AI revolution.

Neurala is solving this problem. I am thrilled to announce that today Neurala has launched Brain Builder: an end-to-end SaaS platform to turbocharge the creation of custom vision AI solutions.

Visual AI for everybody is here.

Now, anyone – AI expert or otherwise – can build a custom vision AI solution by using a single platform that guides the process from development to deployment. In turn, any organization with a vision AI problem – across verticals such as drones, robotics, smart devices, manufacturing and more – can create its very own custom AI solutions fast and without breaking the bank or requiring a PhD.

At Neurala, we’re proud to be a pioneer in custom vision artificial intelligence. Brain Builder represents the next step in our mission to make vision AI more accessible.

We can’t wait for you to give it a try.